Gr8 Stars
Plot type:Histogram bins the data by a single field and displays count of objects per bin.Heatmap bins the data by two fields and displays count as color.Conditional distribution bins the data by one field and displays the distribution of a second field within that bin as a boxplot (range and quartiles).Shows a scatterplot of a (random subset) of actual data points.
For log functionality, set the filter to enable only positive values.
For log functionality, set the filter to enable only positive values.
Count:Choose whether the object count per bin is shown in linear or log scale. Count is shown on the Y axis.Count is shown on the color (Z) axis.
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Fields Dictionary
source_idgaia_dr2_idlongUnique source identifier
posfloatBarycentric position
raradoubledegBarycentric right ascension of the source
decdecdoubledegBarycentric declination of the source
parallaxparallaxdoublemasAbsolute parallax of the source
parallax_errorparallax_errordoublemasStandard error of parallax
pmdoublemas/yearProper motion
pmrapmradoublemas/yearProper motion in right ascension (pmra) direction
pmra_errorpmra_errordoublemas/yearStandard error of proper motion in right ascension direction
pmdecpmdecdoublemas/yearProper motion in declination direction
pmdec_errorpmdec_errordoublemas/yearStandard error of proper motion in declination direction
phot_g_mean_magphot_g_mean_magfloatmagG-band photometry mean magnitude
phot_rp_mean_magphot_rp_mean_magfloatmagIntegrated RP photometry mean magnitude
phot_bp_mean_mag_errorphot_bp_mean_magfloatmagIntegrated BP photometry mean magnitude
bp_rpbp_rpfloatmagBP - RP colour
radial_velocityradial_velocitydoublekm/sRadial velocity
radial_velocity_errorradial_velocity_errordoublekm/sRadial velocity error
teffgaia_tefffloatKstellar effective temperature
radiusgaia_radiusfloat\(r_\odot\)stellar radius
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Raw Data
source_idUnique source identifierposBarycentric positionparallax
masAbsolute parallax of the source
masStandard error of parallax
pmmas/yearProper motionphot_g_mean_mag
magG-band photometry mean magnitude
magIntegrated RP photometry mean magnitude
magIntegrated BP photometry mean magnitude
magBP - RP colour
km/sRadial velocity
km/sRadial velocity error
Kstellar effective temperature
\(r_\odot\)stellar radius
radegBarycentric right ascension of the sourcedecdegBarycentric declination of the sourcepmramas/yearProper motion in right ascension (pmra) directionpmra_errormas/yearStandard error of proper motion in right ascension directionpmdecmas/yearProper motion in declination directionpmdec_errormas/yearStandard error of proper motion in declination direction